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For the past months, a small working team has been developing a plan to build a Rescue Quarters and Garage which will replace our current rented house & garage bay at the fire station. A building plan has been developed and we have worked with a local contractor to develop a budget for funding purposes.  We estimate the cost of the project to be about $865,000. 

We are engaged in robust fundraising in support of this project and expect we will find support from local community members, businesses, and other philanthropic organizations.

We would be very grateful to have your support as well. Visit our building project page for the latest information on the project & please consider making a donation!

Support our Building Project


South Royalton Rescue is an ambulance agency licensed at the paramedic level. We are a small service that runs about 480 emergency calls per year. We cover the towns of Sharon, Tunbridge, and South Royalton which includes just under 5,000 residents. Updated information on our events, staff, and building project can be found here. Check out our new website!

Job Opportunities

Good News: We're Hiring!

We're seeking new EMT/AEMTs to join our staff. There are full-time and part-time positions available. Full-time benefits include company sponsored health insurance and retirement with company match. Please apply on our job application page!

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