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Building Project

SRRS is currently located in 2 temporarily rented facilities--a bay in the SRFD building and a house a few hundred yards away from the ambulance bay. Our set-up is not ideal. The house is outdated and small with limited space, no private offices or meeting room, tiny kitchen, cramped sleeping quarters, and limited storage. The SRFD is an adequate building but there is no storage for us and we are not able to wash the truck on a regular basis. The fire dept has suggested several times they would like to have the bay for their use. This set up also limits any future expansion we might wish to undertake (more community outreach, launching a transport business, etc.). Our team told us in a recent survey that the building set up was inadequate and negatively affected our ability to recruit and retain staff. Over the past 8 years, SRRS has been working hard to stabilize finances, develop the crew and provide a truly essential service to our 3 communities.

For the past months, a small working team has been developing a plan to build a Rescue Quarters and Garage. A building plan has been developed and we have worked with a local contractor to develop a budget for funding purposes.  We estimate the cost of the project to be about $865,000. Each of our 3 towns has committed to provide $25,000 in ARPA money to support our project. The project will be developed by SRRS. We intend to engage in robust fundraising in support of this project and expect we will find support from local community members, businesses, and other philanthropic organizations. The benefits to the community include ongoing support for an essential ambulance service that responds to calls in Royalton, Sharon and Tunbridge as well as assists local fire departments when they are called out, visitors to the area when they need help and other ambulance services in Central Vermont through our mutual aid commitments. 

If you are interested in donating to this project, you are welcome to use the donation form on the right, send a check by mail, or contact us at Thank you!

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